Die Aarde Skeur Film

I somehow became involved, although on a minuscule level, with the pre-production stage of the upcoming film “Die Aarde Skeur”, written and directed by award-winning South African director and well-known college friend of mine, Desmond Denton.  I even achieved the title of “assistant producer,” which I am quite thrilled about.

On Saturday 3 September 2017 we had a meeting with the production team in Tulbagh, the town in which the story takes place. Tulbagh is renowned for the big earthquake that shook the town on September 1969, on which the film is based with its own new plots and twists: a romantic drama about the earthquake that shook the country and brought a whole community together It was my duty to get a team of locals together, people with their own stories, memories and experiences of the earthquake, as well as local businesses and potential investors, in order to discuss how to get the ball rolling and have local businesses and wine estates get the most exposure from this whole event.

I also had to reach out to schools in the area for casting calls, to help fill some of the roles of children in the film.  Meetings and auditions were arranged and held in Tulbagh during the Tulbagh Arts Festival, an annual local festival also commemorating the famous Tulbagh earthquake.

Although actual filming hasn’t begun yet as planned, we are very excited to be part of this great adventure.

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